Pillars: Foundations that Make the Church Different

There’s much discussion and confusion in the world today on what it means to follow Christ. Some insist on certain practices, traditions, and rituals, but what does the Bible say following Christ is all about? Pastor Joshua begins a new series in worship next week that looks at four pillars of the Christian journey with God.

These pillars were central to Jesus’ ministry and the first church and are essential for believers to reclaim today. Each week, the series will build on the previous week’s teaching, demonstrating how our lives continue to progress with God from relationship, to
commitment, to transformation to mission.

August 5: Covenantal Relationship

One of the most profound truths of the Bible is that the God who created the universe desires to be in relationship with you. In fact, He wants a covenantal relationship with you, which is a bond that is sacred and permanent. Come learn about this bond and what it means for our Christian walk.

August 12: Undivided Loyalty

The decision to live in covenantal relationship with God requires commitment. In response to Christ’s death and resurrection, we have a choice to make. Everyone will choose to be a follower of someone or something in their lives. And the choice to follow will always cost us something. Join us as we learn what it means to follow Jesus.

August 19: Transformed Identity

The true mark of following Christ through undivided loyalty and covenantal relationship is a changed life. If we look no different than the world, then how can we proclaim that the light of Christ is in us? And, what does it even look like to be transformed by Christ? Don't miss this teaching on transformed living, the critical part of our witness to the world.

August 29: Purposeful Mission

The decision to follow Christ through transformed identity, undivided loyalty, and covenantal relationship involves continuing in the mission of Jesus Christ to make disciples. The call to make disciples is not just for pastors, evangelists and missionaries, but for every believer of Jesus Christ. What part can you play and how can you be equipped?

Join us in August!