United Methodist Women August News

100 Years of United Methodist Women

UMW Sunday will be September 16th! We are excited to be celebrating 100 years of service by United Methodist Women in Hendersonville First United Methodist church. For a century, through numerous wars, a depression, a recession, from horses and buggies to space travel and driverless cars, Methodist women have worked tirelessly to better the lives of women, children, and youth.

The Centennial committee has been hard at work on this, and there are surprises in store. Please mark your calendar and look for messages from your Circle Leaders about this event and volunteer opportunities.

Next Meeting: September 11

Please notice this date change: Next unit meeting is not the first Tuesday in September, but the second Tuesday, September 11, beginning with refreshments at 10:00, followed by our program and business meeting. Any woman is invited to join UMW. For more information, please contact Lockey Rodden at 812-499-9477 or Robbie Dixson at 615-822-7458. Or, just come to our next meeting on Tuesday, September 11, at 10:00 in Genesis Hall. Hope to see you there!

Members of the Executive Committee

Various reports are due to our district officers who compile the information, update mailing lists and get updated information to our conference officers. If you are an officer, you may have a report due in by August 15. Carol Atkins is copying these reports and will get your copy to you. If you do not hear from her, please contact her for more info and a copy of what you need to do. This is the first year for most of us handling positions on the executive committee, so there is a learning curve. By working together, we can learn together and handle all our responsibilities. Thank you for your time.