Adult Sunday School Classes

Meet New Friends, Find Support, and Learn About the Bible

Joining a Sunday school class is a great way to meet new friends, find support and encouragement in your life journey, and to learn more about the Bible. Classes meet Sundays from 9:30-10:30 am each week.


Newcomers Class - Room AW-237 (Administrative Wing)

The Newcomers Class meets every first and third Sunday of the month and is open to anyone (guest or long-time member) looking to learn more about the church. Each first Sunday the class covers an introduction to the United Methodist denomination, while each third Sunday gives participants an overview of ways to connect, grow and serve at HFUMC.

Younger Adults

The Gathering - Room M-221(Main Building)

Starting January 20! The Gathering is a Sunday School class at Hendersonville First United Methodist Church for young families. We meet at 9:30 am in room M-221.

Pathfinders - Room CLC-150 (Christian Life Center)

Pathfinders is a group of families, who seek to engage and strengthen Christ-centered community through peer-led Bible study utilizing guest teachers, and relevant Christian DVD studies. This large class is composed of tables to encourage fellowship and conversation. The class members are encouraged to actively "do life together" outside of the Church with mission opportunities, men's and women's events, and a yearly family retreat.

Middle and Mixed Ages

Ben Alexander Class - Room M-207 (Main Building)

The Ben Alexander Class is composed of both couples and singles that are active in fellowship, faith formation, and missions. The class participates in discussion-based lessons and video series on biblical studies and contemporary Christian topics.

Faithbuilders - Room M-310 (Main Building) 

Faithbuilders is a Bible based, peer led group with lively discussions as a part the class each Sunday with lots of laughter and humor.

Crossroads - Room M-210 (Main Building) 

In today’s world, it seems like more and more adults are facing situations to which they are not accustomed. Many are finding their lives at a transitional crossroad, whether it is becoming an empty-nester, having adult children getting married or returning home, becoming a grandparent, or having to make health decisions for ourselves or for older, ailing parents; it seems too often we are facing life changing situations. As such, we need the love and support of Christian friends to help us deal with the challenges of life. We all need each other in times of change and if you do not have the advantage of a supportive group, please come and join us.

Friendship - Room CLC-251 (Christian Life Center)

Friendship class members and guest teachers lead our studies, ranging from relationship building to the Bible. This class enjoys work projects to help those in need, getting together for a variety of social outings, and each other’s “friendship".  

Genesis - Room AW 231 (Administrative Wing)

Through scripture-based curriculum and discussion that applies to daily life, this diverse group seeks to develop a personal relationship with God. Genesis supports each other with prayers, assistance and friendship, enjoying social activities and mission projects. 

Good News - Room AW-233 (Administrative Wing)

Good News is composed of couples and singles ranging in age from 40s to 60s. This class enjoys Christian fellowship in class, church involvement, social activities, and multiple mission efforts. Each week you can count on lively, thought provoking discussions. 

Middle to Senior Ages

Companions - Room CLC-255 (Christian Life Center)

The Companions class is a large class with more than 70 members who makes room for more and welcomes newcomers each week.. The Companions class uses various teaching materials including the United Methodist Adult Bible Studies series and encourage open discussion, which leads to lively and thought-provoking sharing.

Followers - Room M-205 (Main Building) 

Followers is a small group of singles and couples in their mid 70's and up. This is a discussion class based on select scriptures. 

Searchers - Room CLC-253 (Christian Life Center)

Through exciting discussions in the study of the Bible, chapter-by-chapter, each class member searches for a deeper understanding of God’s will and its relevance to daily life.

Poe Williams - Room CLC-250 (Christian Life Center)

Poe Williams is an active class of empty nesters (age 60+) with adult children and a growing number of grandchildren. The teachers provide thought provoking, Bible-based lessons that tie in to modern day living.