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Fall Retreats

This year's retreats will be mystery retreats where youth will go in faith and trust.

Moving in faith, trust and obedience isn't easy when we are not in control or part of the planning. This year, our fall retreats are mystery trips. We will be taking the middle school and high school to two different locations to keep the mystery a mystery. We know God calls us to keep moving in our faith even when we don't know the exact destination. Parents, you will receive the details and we ask you to keep it a secret. This is so the weekend will be full of surprises and steps in faith for our youth. If one finds out, they'll all know and there goes the anticipation and excitement! We also know this will stretch some youth and we hope you will encourage them along the way to participate and not to stress the details. You can be assured that Mrs. Jesse Fleck and her team will take great care in planning so the youth do not have to.

Middle School Retreat - August 27-29

(Last day to register is August 22)

High School Retreat - September 17-19

(Last day to register is September 12)

Registration is $125 per person, or only $100 if you sign up by August 8 (Middle School) August 29 (High School)!

Registration and form links are below. There may be an additional form and those will be sent out to the registrants parent to complete so they youth does not find out where they will be going.

Packing lists will be different for each location.