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Keeping Lent with Saint Luke

Keeping Lent with Saint Luke, a new sermon series by Pastor Don Hutchinson, will help us focus in on key scriptures from the Gospel of Luke in the New Testament.

Lent, which started on Ash Wednesday and ends on Easter, lasts for 40 days (not counting Sundays). Each day of Lent symbolizes one of the 40 days Jesus fasted in the wilderness before Satan tempted him. During Lent, Christians fast from, or give up, something that can pull our minds way from Christ (TV, social media, food, etc.) And the goal is to fill that void with an invigorated prayer life and increased reflection on God's holiness, our sin, and Christ's perfect obedience even unto death.

In the first sermon of the series, Pastor Don shared an obscure passage from Luke 13:31-35, where Jesus calls a key government leader a “sly fox” and refers to himself as a mother hen. Don encourages us to give up control of our lives to a God and Savior who loves us, protect us, and provides a way out of every temptation.


Listen to March 17th "Giving Up Control" sermon