Council of Stewards

Council of Stewards Updates

Church Officials: 2023

  • Council of Stewards- Chairperson: Tracey Silverman
  • Lay Leader: Archie McKinnis
  • Children’s Ministry Council Chair: Susie Lewis
  • Discipleship Action Team: Joshua Strader
  • Missions/Outreach: Barbara Fleming
  • Religion, Race, and Christian Unity Chairperson: part of Missions/Outreach Committee
  • UWF:  Robbie Dickson
  • UMM Rep/Men’s Ministry: Mark Ware
  • Health Ministries:  Mary Nell Veazey
  • Children First Committee Chairperson: Rebecca Wells
  • Staff Parish Chair: Dave Bair
  • Finance Chair: Robin Teal
  • Trustees Chair:  Patrick Parker
  • Worship Committee: Pam Critz
  • Student Discipleship Ministry Team: Stacey Kerere
  • Love and Concern: Irene Erickson
  • Christian Legacy: Mike Fussell     
  • Young at Heart: Darlene Roberts
  • Lay Members to Annual Conference - Member: Archie McKinnis, Mike Fussell 
  • Program Staff: Brittany May, Travis Birch
  • Pastors: Don Hutchinson, Joshua Strader
  • Historian: Nancy Parker
  • Librarian: Lynda Sandefur
  • Funeral Ministry: Becky Beeler
  • Safe Sanctuaries Team: Brittany May
  • Stewardship: Katherine Louw and Trey Sandefur