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10 New Members Join the HFUMC Family

Welcome the Bombrys!
Welcome to Brenda Barr-Newsom!
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Teach your kids the world is bigger than baseball or soccer, Nerf Guns or LOL Dolls, YouTube or TikTok videos and Minecraft or Super Smash Brothers.


You and your kids or grandkids can help feed kids and families around the world this Saturday.


1) Volunteer below

2) Show up at HFUMC at 9am

3) Impact the world

Washing in the Water of the Word Part 2

"How different baptism was in the first century!"


"When Paul wrote to the Colossian Christians around 62 or 63 A.D., baptism was electric with power. We desperately need to recover the meaning and sacrament of baptism, because God can continue to use this sacrament in powerful ways," said Senior Pastor Don Hutchinson in the second part of our July sermon series, Washing in the Water of the Word.

Every week, we are going to dive deeper into the Word and soak in one chapter of Colossians. Your summer reading list for this week is Chapter 2 of Colossians. Tomorrow you will also receive a featured devotional via email.

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