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Your Gifts Matter: Archie McKinnis

"Upon This Rock, I will Build My Church"

When I think of church, I’m reminded of Matthew 16:18 where Jesus proclaims to Peter “upon this rock I will build my church.”  What a wonderful thought to know that the origin of church, which HFUMC represents, is our Lord and Savior.  Jesus wanted a community of believers who could build community, proclaim the gospel, and embody the new creation.  HFUMC represents these objectives two thousand years later.

God doesn’t just “call” individuals into full-time ministry or Christian work.  He “calls” all who have given their life to Christ.  God provides each of us with various gifts and shapes each of us as Christians.  Thus it is important that each of us use these gifts to further the Lord’s mission for HFUMC.  It doesn’t matter that each of us possesses different gifts, abilities, or financial resources.  All that matters is that we do our best to put our gifts to work for the Lord.  The list of ways we can serve and support the ministry of HFUMC is limitless.  The pandemic has resulted in new ways to serve and more opportunities to serve may yet emerge.

As a result of my career, Sidney and I lived in five different locations before our move here—thus we have been active in six different Methodist churches.  Interestingly, in each of these churches we were blessed with wonderful brothers, sisters, youth, and children who showed us the love of Christ.  In our over twenty years at HFUMC we have seen so many contributing their time, talent, gifts, service, and witness to the work of our Lord’s church.  Only the Lord knows the future, but we are going to be blessed with many opportunities as a church so it is my prayer that each of us will respond to the Lord’s call, utilize our talents in His service, and encourage one another.

Prayer:  Heavenly Father, thank you for calling each of us and for providing us with our individual talents and gifts.  Please open our eyes to the opportunities to serve your church and in proclaiming the gospel.  Thank you for HFUMC and for its ministry.  Amen.