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VIBES Youth Weekly Bible Study

Weekly Bible Study with Instagram LIVE discussions Sunday at 6:30pm.

Join Jesse Fleck on our Instagram HFUMC.YOUTH. She will be LIVE at 6:30pm on Sunday nights. We will discuss this week's Bible Study Vibes. Get prepared by watching the current video study, reading the highlighted Scriptures, ponder the questions, and join the YouVersion Bible App for weekly devotionals to keep growing through the week. You'll find everything you need to get started below.

This Week's Bible Study


Because of Jesus, anger doesn’t have to be the boss of you.


James 3:13-14 NIV, James 3:16 NIV, James 4:1-2 NIV, & Philippians 2:6-7 NIV


1.     Think about a scene from a TV show or movie where a character was angry (Squidward from SpongeBob, for example) What kind of anger were they feeling? Why do you think they got that angry?

2.     Using the Feelings Wheel, ask: Which of these feelings is hard for you to admit you feel?

3.     Look at the anger section of the emotions wheel. Choose one of the words that you most associate with anger (Note: Try to start with “humiliated”). For that word, what do you do when you feel that emotion?

4.     Can you share a time where you’ve seen anger in the hallway or road rage?

5.     Read James 4:1. How would you answer this question? How would most students you know answer this question?

6.     What percentage of your anger is caused by not getting your way?

7.     Have you experienced people around you blaming their anger on others instead of owning their own emotions? Why do you think it can be easier to believe that anger is caused by something or someone else rather than something inside us?

8.     If someone were watching you, what would be some clues or cues that you are angry? What could they do to help you?

9.     Jesus does not want you to be controlled by your anger. What are practical ways you can go to Jesus with your anger? How can this group help you control your anger?


The next time you are angry, text someone and have them ask you “what kind of angry are you?” and help you work through that anger and control it.

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